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Lisa Ross

Lisa Ross is an award winning writer and fine art photographer. A graduate of the University of Southern California in Communications, she trained in the fine art of photography at the prestigious Hamilton High Photography Department in Los Angeles. It was there that Ansel Adams and Bob Willoughby awarded her top honors. 

An allergy to darkroom chemicals led her down a different path, first as a psychotherapist and then as a political writer and consultant. Her commentaries have appeared in the nation’s top newspapers and on radio. Her widely read column, The Ross Retort, was the recipent of numerous San Diego Press Club awards and honors from the Society of Professional Journalists. 

The dawn of the digital darkroom brought Lisa back to fine art photography shooting in the world’s most visually interesting places. 

Now considered a Master Printer, she achieves the feel of a painting while retaining the immediacy of the photograph. using original digitized negatives or digital images printed with Ultrachrome archival pigment on large-sized canvas. 

“I want the work to hang in spaces where people live, so the pieces must be decorative and at the same time evoke an instant of time and place.”

Lisa travels the world for inspiration. Available works cover all seven continents. 

As she likes to say," if you are looking for a piece from a favorite place, call me."

Carnivale I
Carnivale III
Carnivale II
Carnivale IV
Green House Quito
Trans Siberia
Maltese Falcon
Arches Mazatlan
Reflections Paris
Rooftops Dubrovnik
Bergin Bergin Stav
Strangers On A Train Siberia
Ponte Vecchio
Shoot The Piano Player
Rear Window Rome
Forbidden City I
On The Wall
Canned Heat Mazatlan
Siesta Mykonos
Adobe Santa Fe
Ghost Ship Vladivostok
Siberia Lake Baikol
Orb Buenos Aires
Tunisia Noir
Air Force One
Throat Singer Ulan Bator
Botanical Cabo
Under The Cretan Sun
Floating Down The Thames
SoHo Hong Kong
Athens Retro
Forbidden City II
Above Lijiang
String Quartet At Ephesus
Dunes Soususvlei Mini
Dune Oh
Dune Sunrise Cafema
Isle of Web Man
Window Over Dubrovnik
Titian Venice
Still Ireland
Instanbul Fantasia
Man On The Eiffel Tower
Tower Bridge
Hockney Santorini
Cork At Market
Mestia Braque
Trapped In Arusha
Thought I Saw A Puddy Cat
The Birds
The Lion Eats Tonight
Classic Car VI
Classic Car III
Classic Car IV
Classic Car V
Classic Car I
Classic Car II

On canvas, unless specified as art paper


Archival pigment ink & canvas/art paper


Printed to order--custom sizes available


Images available from over 100 countries


Can be ordered framed, matted or loose



A Santa Fe Art Gallery

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