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Rosemary Valente



The paintings of Rosemary Valente are powerful. Powerful passions deep within this painter's soul are the link to her creative energy. This energy is released by the myriad shapes of nature; then, like the volcanic eruptions on the Hawaiian islands whose fantastic forms long fascinated her, a creative explosion occurs. The results are paintings defined by simplicity of form and vibrancy of color. In her paintings The Age of Romanticism triumphs over The Age of Reason!


A landscape painter, Valente's favored subjects are mountains, trees, islands and deserts. Nature provides the picture. The painter provides the interpretation. Her paintings do not replicate nature; they transform it. Her application of color emphasizes form, creates harmony in non-harmonious subjects, evokes emotions, and intensifies the images she creates. Her paintings show the influence of the German Expressionists in both simplicity and color.


Rosemary Valente's early work was primarily abstract landscapes and cityscapes. The abstractions she creates reflect her fascination with form. This fascination emanates from early exposure to landscape and cityscape while in Hawaii, New York, Paris and Athens. Form is sharply emphasized in her abstract imagery. This imagery captures the visual essence of the subject.


Her most recent paintings are magical and somewhat surreal. Both poetry and fabric swatches of horses provided her with the inspiration to execute a series entitled, "Longshot." It focuses on the matters of the heart, i.e., relationships.


Valente's work has gained world wide acceptance. Her paintings are found in both personal and corporate collections throughout Europe, the Far East, and the United States. She has successfully exhibited and is represented in high quality galleries. She is known and admired by both artists and collectors. The power and beauty of her person is reflected in the power and beauty of her work.



Mixed Media


Acrylics on rice paper and heavier collage paper





A Santa Fe Art Gallery

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