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Sandy Freshour 



An emotive artist, she created paintings and monoprints that draw the viewer in - one begins to contemplate the abstract figures that seemingly interweave, sway and meld into one another. Vibrant bursts of unexpected color move across the canvas in surges of emotion. 

Saphire's work attempts to reconcile figuration and abstraction. She does this at our most intimate site of interaction with the world around us: the body. Here, the familiar forms of torsos, limbs and faces become elongated and shortened. Fleeting moments of light are captured in her choice of colors. It is as though we are looking into a mirror that doesn't reflect what we want to see in ourselves, but what is actually there in the moments between seconds.  

"I see each painting before I paint it. My work is a reflection of what is inside of me, and off shoot of my emotions. A painting might start off positive, but as I work, my emotions may change and so does the emerging piece."


She passed away from a heroic bout with lung cancer in March of 2011.

#34 NN - 30 x 11 - Monoprint Oil copy.jpg
#24 Man Magnet - 28 x 14 - Monoprint Oil copy.jpg
Two Women.jpg
Solana Beach.jpg
Saphire- Fan Dancer.jpg
Oscarette II.jpg
Oscarette I.jpg
One Dancer

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